Suicide is cowardice. Say what you will about people who choose this path but all I see is a person too afraid to deal with their day to day lives, so much so that they are willing to literally tear their families apart. Suicide is bad, that’s never something debated, and the people who want […]

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Pro Choice

In one of my posts, I’m so Unique, Change Society, I talked about the ramifications of getting a face tattoo. Namely, if you want to get a job, don’t get a face tattoo. The overall point of the post was basically, do what you want in your own life, but don’t expect people not to […]

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Dad Jokes

Am I the only one who sees how necessary dad jokes are? How important they are to a functioning father? How wonderful it feels, like when you tell a bad pun and you hear that collective sigh of everyone around you as it successfully lands? Puns are just dad joke training wheels after all. Men […]

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As I write this, it’s my birthday and I must say, birthdays are fucking stupid. Once a year, the people I love drop everything to give me things or attention, to remember me for all that I am, just like everyone else. Now, am I saying I don’t want attention and pretty things? Of course […]

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What is it about pain and suffering that I dwell on so thoroughly? Now, more than ever, I’d rather find those few, or even that one, that makes the pain go away for a while. Their mere presence, or even just their voice, blocks out the pain of such a long pointless existence. I went […]

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Political Correctness

What’s so great about political correctness When real correctness is shunted into blackness                   HA just kidding we aren’t doing that again I’m a one trick pony ladies and gentlemen (I don’t think that’s what a one trick pony is) DIGRESSION ASIDE… What IS so great about […]

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Gooday m8! SO! Why haven’t posted in the last while? Because I’m lazy? YES! That’s the short answer anyway… the long answer would be, CORRECT! So, what’s on tap for today? WHELL, I wrote a poem! It’s about why poetry sucks! sort of… Basically, my blog group (I’m part of a blog group by the way) […]

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Nice Guys Finish Last

Every so often I think about the person I used to be and I cringe. I think everyone experiences this from time to time. We think about something embarrassing or hurtful we did to someone that we can’t help but feel disgusted by even knowing the insurmountable odds of anyone else remembering the incident. You […]

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Abortion is murder. No matter how you justify it or try to excuse your standpoint, there’s no getting around the truth of what abortion is. The only thing that arguing against that truth does is serve to justify mothers who tear a potential life out of their bodies. “MY BODY MY CHOICE!!!” Well it’s not […]

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Ladies and gentleman, the man, the woman, the illness, transgenderism. Before we get into it, let me set the record straight (ha) I don’t have a problem with people who choose to be transgender. At this point, it’s like veganism. When I hear about someone being vegan I have that ‘uuhg’ moment and roll my […]

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