Tipping is incredibly stupid. The concept of tipping is not only a burden on the restaurant experience, but on the community as a whole. ‘BuT jAmEs, ThEy OnLy MaKe FoUr DoLlArS aN hOuR.’ Yes, that’s true, but what do you suppose would happen if no one tipped? Well, I suppose those servers would be in trouble right? Well actually, it’s the restaurant that would suffer. It is true that in some places, the servers would be loyal and stick around despite the hit to their money, but overall, servers would flock away from their jobs to pursue more profitable employment. That would mean it would be on the owner to pay his/ her workers a fair wage and incentivize their service. Yes, tipping is used as a way to inspire servers to provide fast, polite service, but isn’t that the companies responsibility? Ask yourself, who else makes tips? Delivery men for pizza places and Chinese restaurants and… that’s about it.

‘WeLl JaMeS, I HaVe To DeAl WiTh ThE cUsToMeRs.’ That is true. I’m just in the back with the dishes, but who else in customer service gets tips? What retail store has a jar begging for spare change? Who in sales makes their wages off of tips? None, because they make commission or salary. There are LEGIONS of positions where no tips or salary or commission is earned and they do basically the same. Fact is, if I had the opportunity to put in my own order and go get my food personally, I would do it. It’s a required service that you are expected to pay extra for. Delivery already has a fee, which is fair since it IS optional, but then why pay even more for a tip?

‘Well, maybe she’s just trying to pay her way through school,’ my dear sister messaged me angrily one day after learning I didn’t leave a tip in an eatery. She herself is a server and understands the way of thinking (a server in Canada, might I add where they DO make minimum.) Don’t get me wrong, my sister is a wonderful person and she has a brilliant mind, she’s just a little biased and misguided in my opinion. Maybe the server in question is just trying to pay her way through school, I accept that premise so of course I just had to ask, ‘Would it be different if I knew who the woman was and I knew for a fact that she was rich and only served for the enjoyment of it.’ This, of course, being hypothetical as I didn’t know the server in question. She responded with, ‘Yes it would. I wouldn’t expect to give a rich server a tip.’ And that’s where we reach the crux of my issue. This premise suggests that we don’t tip to pay for a service, but in fact, pay tips in order to share the wealth with someone who might be less fortunate than us. Is that not the basic definition of communism? There is a reason we live in a capitalist society. I admit, a truly capitalist society would be anarchy, but it’s not as though tipping a server is the line.

In conclusion, if you wish to leave a tip for a server you should be considered a decent person, that’s fine. You should not, however, be demonized for not leaving one. I once worked for tips. It was nice to have some extra dosh at the end of the day, but seeing my coworker get angry when she was skimped out of it made me ill. It should be considered right TO leave a tip, not wrong NOT to leave a tip. Might I add, several countries find tipping an insult, as did we until restaurant owners decided to start paying servers less, forcing them to live off of tips.

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