Too many times in my life I hear, ‘The music today is so bad, I was born in the wrong generation. I only listen to Queen and The Beatles.’ In truth, these bands are both excellent. There is no replacing them. But to say, ‘ToDaY’s MuSiC iS nO gOoD,’ is to say, ‘I’m too lazy to look for a genre I enjoy.’

I will concede, that the most popular music that is most widely known is (to be generous) somewhat lacking. Mumble rap is lazy, pop is repetitive (I’m one to talk), country is country, all these things could be improved upon, and yes, there was a time where those genres may have been objectively better. HOWEVER, just like with celebrity obsession from my last post (check it out) these genres and styles are popular FOR A REASON. You people can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s almost like the worse it gets, the bigger it is. So, either there’s a vast market for shitty music, OR, now listen well to this part because I’m talking to you, OR your hatred of the music is what keeps it going. Your insistence in giving this media your constant attention to the cringy drives sales. Maybe these ‘music makers’ are simply good businessmen, or at least have good businessmen behind them.

In short, STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THE THINGS WE ALL AGREE IS BAD. Like the PAUL brothers for instance. Or do you want another suicide forest?

‘bUt JaMeS, wHaT aM i GoInG tO dO iF nOt GiViNg IdIoTs InCeNtIvE tO kEeP sPeWiNg GaRbAgE tHaT rIvAlS yOuR oWn?’

WELL YOU SEE, I have an answer for that too. Instead of listening to the things that I blame for everyone wanting to kill themselves, why not find good music!

The youtube recommended function is a wonderful thing. Say what you want about that site, but that’s how I came across most of the music I listen to now. I don’t remember what I was listening to exactly, but I looked at the sidebar and saw an intriguing thumbnail. I clicked it and came across a band called Blackbriar. They put out their first song in 2014 and their first album in 2017, and they are incredible. They are a metal band, if you’re into that sort of thing, and they led me down a rabbit hole that I’m infinitely grateful I found. So thank you youtube. From there, I clicked on one of those youtube playlists that is randomly generated. It had a song by the band Red, and from there I started to download their music and had a few other songs that I downloaded which I didn’t want more from that particular band. At that point, youtube started to put songs from more obscure bands into the recommended section on my main page like, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead by Set it Off.

It’s really not hard to find music you’ll enjoy. If it turns out you don’t like any of the music listed here, then do the same thing with a different genre, or maybe even a genre you’ve never tried before.

I first got into metal because of a show called Metalocolypse on Adult Swim. Before that, I wanted nothing to do with metal, but since then I decided I would listen to Down with the Sickness by Disturbed (you know, the one that goes ‘Oh WA AH AH AH’) and from there I found System of a Down (which may very well be what I was listening to when I came across Blackbriar but I don’t really remember)

TL/DR: There’s nothing wrong with today’s music, just today’s listener.


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