Is it just me, or is homosexuality no big deal? The oversaturation of the homosexual lifestyle in the media is irritating on the verge of sickening. It seems as if it’s being treated like this incredible magical thing to be gay. From my stand point they’re no different than the rest of us; a bunch of assholes trying to live their lives. I think it’s time to leave them alone, and more importantly, stop shoving the idea ‘it’s ok to be gay’ down everyone’s throats. I have something important on that topic. If people know it’s ok to be gay then there’s no need to continue on this trend. If they don’t at this point, you’re certainly not changing anyone’s mind by showing these boring stories with token characters.

Shoving gay characters into a story for no other reason than to check off something you think is needed ultimately makes the story weaker by calling attention to a needless subplot. Remember in my SAO post when I talked about the shitty romance in that show? WELL that’s what Hollywood is doing with homosexuality. Pandering to an audience is the WORST way to write a story. I get it, you want to make money, but do you remember how much money Deadpool made? And do you remember the gay romance in that film? Exactly. That’s not to say that gay romance is always a bad, just token… well anything.

I’m playing a game right now called Shadow of War. If you’re a gamer and haven’t heard of this game or its previous game Shadow of Mordor, definitely check it out it’s an excellent game. Well, this game has a token black and token Asian characters. (NOTE: it is theoretically possible that these characters are not token, but there’s something to be said that there are three non white characters in the entire game and LOTR got some backlash for not having any ‘minority’ characters in the movies) the black character is the protagonist of a DLC (Down loadable content i.e. extra gameplay added after the game’s release) plotline who appears in cut scenes in the main game. He is my second least favorite character. I haven’t even gotten myself to suffer through his plotline. The Asian characters are a pair of twins who become ringwraiths. One of the exceptional quest lines of the game gets into some ringwraith lore. It was a fun boss fight but their back-story pulled me out of the game a little since there was no previous mention of a land full of primarily Asians and suddenly, out of the blue, there’s a back-story cut scene with exactly that.

I say it’s theoretically possible that these characters aren’t token because I am writing a story of my own and two of the characters happened to be black. I say happened to be because as I was writing their dialogue and personalities my mind decided they were black. If that makes me a racist, just wait until you see my next post. That’s how characters should be written. Their race shouldn’t matter even if it happens to be an all white cast. Characters should be measured based off of their character (Oh BoY wHaT a ThOuGhT)

There was one time that the ‘token black guy’ sort of worked in my opinion. I don’t even think it was token but the viewers didn’t seem too happy. Im talking about the Netflix adaptation of Death Note where they cast L, the lead detective, as a black guy. The reason I think it worked and it wasn’t token was because I thought he played L’s character beautifully right until the end when they did a poor jop writing L’s reaction to the death of a certain character. I won’t spoil it even though the film isn’t really worth watching, but that actor did splendidly. The only other actor I felt did well in that film was Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, a god of death, but let’s be honest that was more down to his voice than his acting ability. It’s just too bad that the film was bad over all, ruined by, guess what, a SHITTY ROMANCE BETWEEN THE MAIN CHARACTERS! FULL CIRCLE, or mostly full as the characters weren’t gay. I do see I’ve gone a touch off topic, but at the end of the day, being gay means so little that it didn’t even make a full blog post. Gay is no different than straight so STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!

3 thoughts on “Homosexuality

  1. I don’t think adding in gay characters is a terrible thing. I believe it depends on what kind of movie or show it is. Some shows is doesn’t matter if they’re gay or not. In some movies or shows its a great twist for the characters to end up falling in love and actually be gay, it captures your attention and might surprise viewers. In some cases the director tries to make it to much of a deal by only taking about them being gay or any other part of the Lgbtq+ community. But I do think you are being a little homophobic by being upset that they include homosexuality. There is nothing wrong with being a homo. It wont hurt you if some of the characters in a show, movie or even game are gay or bisexual or pansexual or whatever the orientation. I mean this reply with all respect because of course this is just my opinion and you are entitled to your own. I just think before you go getting upset or mad about such thinks you need to be a bit more educated on the subject then only knowing the terms gay and homosexual. Another thing being gay isn’t a trend like you think it is. You may also think being gay is a choice to which I can inform you that it is most certainly is not. When you have feelings for someone can you always help loving them? NO. so why would be any different if it was towards someone of the same sex? anyways for your sake I think ill stop here and try to not work myself up.

    sincerely, Anonymous


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, and to start this off I tried responding a while ago only to find my reply missing so sorry that it’s late. I don’t have a problem with homosexuality or with gay people properly portrayed in a film. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry for instance is a great movie in my opinion because the story line is meant to involve homosexuality. What I have a problem with is media putting in a certain character in order to fill a diversity checklist. That to me is the difference between a good film and tokenism. I know it isn’t a choice. I know that there are still a lot of people being ridiculed for simply being gay so of course I don’t think anyone chooses that life. I simply don’t like tv or film potentially being ruined by adding a character or story line that doesn’t belong just for the sake of ‘inclusion.’ Something that I think Brooklyn nine-nine did well was create a gay character that didn’t shove his lifestyle down anyone’s throat. Quite the contrary Captain Holt’s character is possibly the most cardboard character in the history of television and still there is charm in it. That’s what a good show does. The evident effort put into the show is something I look for. Not only that, but the same show had an episode where one of the detectives, Rosa, comes out as bi to her parents. Now, normally from that style show I would expect them to make the parents shocked and then accept it by the end, but instead they decided to end it with her father saying, ‘I don’t understand, but i’m trying to.’ The point not being, ‘you should accept people no matter what,’ but instead her father was willing to attempt looking past what he believes for the sake of his daughter. There’s nothing wrong with being homo, but there is something wrong with sacrificing storytelling to push an agenda. Christian agenda, Atheist agenda, gay agenda, homophobic agenda, it’s all the same to me. A great story isn’t told when you are trying to force your audience to change something they believe in. Expressing your own is one thing, but if a creator tries to use his content to sway someone else then I think the art suffers for it. I do find it interesting that when I share an opinion that someone disagrees with, my education is called into question. It could be good because worst case scenario I can stretch that topic into a post but for now I’ll simply say, just because I think differently than you about the LGBT community doesn’t mean I don’t know whats happening in it. Thank you again for the response and if you feel that I have been unclear or even if you decide that you have a rhetorical response (respectful or otherwise) please feel free to respond.


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