There is nothing good about being white.

There is nothing bad about being white.

There is nothing good about being black.

There is nothing bad about being black.

And every race in between.

I want to start off by saying “It’s ok to be white” is not a movement. I bring that up because while doing the minute amount of research I did the very first opinion based article I read referred to it as a movement. The blog entitled It’s OK to Be White, But Can We Stop Being F**king A**holes About It feels very strongly about what it means to be white. I was going to simply respond to the article, but instead I’ll give my thoughts and hopefully we can create a dialogue assuming you read her article as well. Don’t be afraid to comment, especially if you disagree.

Now that that’s done, lets deal with what “It’s ok to be white” is actually about.

Simply put, “It’s ok to be white” is a harmless saying originating on 4chan to the best of my knowledge and took storm when a student on a college campus posted the message and of course, it being a college campus, people lost their minds. Most of the articles I bothered to find seemed negative. After all, grown adults can’t come to their own conclusions about what things mean. Like that time that the students of Yale ganged up on the dean after he sent a message saying people can wear whatever costumes they like on Halloween. I mean, this is the internet, and on the interned and college campuses the simple reality of being a straight white male is a hate crime. Don’t believe me? Here’s an excerpt from the linked article.

““It’s OK To Be White” is a movement tailor-made for people who might be on that slippery slope to pure, 100%, grade-A Nazism.”

It’s this kind of thinking that lead to the message being posted in the first place. There was a second article that talked about a group of people holding up a banner that said the same at a sports game. I like to think they were dealt with because of the possible hazard to the other people in the stands were the banner to have fallen, but the practical side of me thinks otherwise. Especially considering the investigation mentioned. I won’t lie, I didn’t read the whole thing, but I can take a guess as to why.

To be white is simply to be. Same as any other color. The beautiful thing about America is that there is privilege here. American privilege. Anyone in this country can become anything. The main difference between us isn’t our color, it’s our willingness to try. Can you honestly say that Morgan Freeman is more oppressed than a standard white homeless man in LA? Maybe some people have to work harder, but to say it has to do with color and not initial financial status is laughable.

“BuT jAmEs, PeOpLe Of CoLoR aRe In ThOsE bAd NeIgHbOrHoOdS bEcAuSe OpPrEsSiOn”

Maybe that’s true, but the one sure way to make sure people in bad neighborhoods stay in bad neighborhoods, is by convincing them that there’s this supreme power ‘the white man’ who has a boot on their head and there’s nothing they can do.

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