Ladies and gentleman, the man, the woman, the illness, transgenderism.

Before we get into it, let me set the record straight (ha) I don’t have a problem with people who choose to be transgender. At this point, it’s like veganism. When I hear about someone being vegan I have that ‘uuhg’ moment and roll my eyes because the image that pops into my mind is someone who not only chooses to avoid animals and animal products, but also tries to push their agenda onto other people.

I take zero issue with the basic concept of people choosing who they want to be, but when you try to push your beliefs on me and get angry when I don’t comply we have a problem.

“BuT jAmEs, ThEy ArE bOrN tHaT wAy, It’S nOt A cHoIcE.’ While that statement isn’t altogether untrue, the choice to mutilate your body to fit what you think is right for you. There are some people who push the agenda on their children to the point where their young children are given puberty blocking medication to change their gender. Let’s all remember, statutory rape is simply an adult having sex with a minor. Say a thirty year old has sex with a sixteen year old. That thirty year old will go to jail for statutory rape given that he or she had consent. If they didn’t have consent they’d be locked up for regular old fashioned rape, molestation, all that filth. This implies that a minor, even a sixteen or seventeen year old, can’t make decisions for themselves. So why exactly does anyone think it’s alright to let a six year old take dangerous medication to change their biological makeup just because they happen to like pink and didn’t like baseball camp.

Ok, so how does this affect me? Well it doesn’t. If you want to ruin your child more power to you. I’m not a big fan of children as it is, I just think that since they’re basically not people yet they shouldn’t be forced to stunt their development until they’re at least 25 when their brains stop growing. I don’t like the concept of ‘preferred pronouns.’ If you didn’t pick it up from my post Language I DO NOT LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT I CAN AND CAN’T SAY! If I choose to call you he, despite you being a biological female out of the respect I have for you then that’s what I’ll do, but I will not call a singular person ‘they’ unless I’m trying to disguise their identity and I refuse the use ‘ze’ as a pronoun because… do I really have to explain that!? You can say it’s hate speech for me to say ‘there are only two genders’ and I will be ok with that. Not only would you exercise your right to free speech, but hate speech is a false concept and means nothing to me so bitch away.

So, onto the hacking off of penises. If you are born a genetic female you are a female. If you are born a genetic male you are a male. End of story. Understandably, there are cases where a person is born with a male body and female chromosomes or a hormone imbalance or even a penis and ovaries, but these are birth defects and pointing out that it is a birth defect is hardly ‘hate speech.’ In these cases, wanting to transition to be either male or female is understandable and realistic. People who are born genetically aligned who choose to mutilate themselves is akin to people who change their appearance through plastic surgery but at least they don’t call you a Nazi when you disagree with them.

This has been pointed out before, either by Steven Crowder or Ben Shapiro I don’t remember which, but the suicide rate in the community of post surgery trans people is close to, if not as high as, the Jews held in concentration camps during ww2. Does that not tip anyone off that maybe surgery isn’t the answer to any mental trauma these people might be facing that makes them hate themselves so much that they want to genetically change who they are?

If you want real information on the dangers for not only children, but also adults who want to change themselves, visit for stories from trans people who found reality and information from specialists who actually know what they’re talking about. I haven’t looked into this site much myself because, if you missed it in my Opinions post I don’t do research, but I did read a few of the trans stories and biology is a dangerous thing to toy with.

2 thoughts on “Transgenderism

  1. Thank you for providing a place to post genuine opinions about genuine issues. This issue is one that I have struggled with because I do work with people who choose to change their gender and have chosen to get the reassignment surgery. While I have a great deal of respect for people who make choices for their own lives, I am so sad that we live in a society that forces people to have to physically – surgically – change their bodies in order to feel like they are the person they were born to be. Why does a person’s actual physical body have anything to do with the way they feel about how they want to live? If a person “feels“ like a boy or a girl, isn’t that social construct? Why are we making physical changes to social problems? Why can’t we raise our children to stand up for who and what they want to believe and think? Why can’t a child choose to do the activities that they want to do and the colours that they want to wear and the toys that they want to play with? Why can’t our young people date the people they want to date without feeling the pressure of social mores?? Why can’t adults walk down the street wearing the clothes they feel comfortable in without other adults looking at them pointing and saying that they’re doing it “wrong”? It’s not a physical issue. It’s a social issue.


    1. YES, that is EXACTLY what i was trying to get across (however i am a little choked you were able to put it into better words than me)
      the only problem i have with this is when you call it a ‘social issue.’
      i’m not sure if this is what you meant, but to me that says that society is doing something wrong and it should change to accomidate the one percent that chooses to identify themselves as different which i disagree with entirely… you know what? ima just make a whole post about people who actively choose to be different so thanks for the inspiration!


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