I’m quiet when you first meet me…

Ok, normally I’m not one to openly admit to visiting dating sites, but there can be some laughs to be had and some joy to share with those most important to me. Also, normally I wouldn’t be one to complain about a platform I don’t take very seriously anyway, but there seems to be a common thread among the women that use some of these apps that has nonetheless gotten under my skin.

“I’m really quiet when you first meet me, but when I get to comfortable I don’t shut up!” not uncommonly followed by an array of emojis mostly laughing crying a few ‘XD.’

Ignoring the fact that that is quite possibly one of the least humorous to be found on a dating app, do these women have so little substance that that’s all they can think to say about themselves? This statement is usually found in whatever type of ‘about me’ section is provided by the site in question. A lot of the time, not all the time, those sections have a character limit. Even when they don’t have a limit, that is sometimes the only thing written.

Here’s the thing, if you haven’t seen the blaring issue by now, EVERYONE is quiet when they meet a new person. Almost NO ONE is the same person with a stranger than with a close friend. Even extroverts feel out a person to see what kind or relationship they have with them before acting certain ways.

“BuT jAmEs, I kNoW pLeNtY oF pEoPlE wHo AcT tHe SaMe WaY aRoUnD a StRaNgEr. ThEy ArEn’T aFrAiD tO bE tHeMsElVeS.”

Congratulations, people come in all colors. Here’s the other side, THOSE PEOPLE are the outliers. I’d much rather see a few, ‘I’m not afraid to be myself, no matter what you think,’s than a flood of this basic bitch shit.

Even if it isn’t intentional, most humans don’t approach a stranger they way they do a friend. Getting to know someone can be a nerve racking thing. “what kind of person are they, do they like me, are they the kind of person I want liking me, if I want them to like me, what humor are they interested in, are they a more serious type, if I don’t want them to like me how can I get away from them without being rude.” All this is ingrained in us without some of us being aware of it. A subconscious act of feeling situations out.

Am I right, or is this an introvert thing? Either way, this basic bitch shit needs to stop. You are just like everyone else so expressing that may not be the best way to find the relationship you are looking for, unless of course you only wrote that out of obligation and are using these sites for the same reason I am.

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