Abortion is murder. No matter how you justify it or try to excuse your standpoint, there’s no getting around the truth of what abortion is. The only thing that arguing against that truth does is serve to justify mothers who tear a potential life out of their bodies.


Well it’s not exactly your body IS IT!?

There is another body involved am I wrong? From my standpoint, there is never a time after conception when it is ok to tear the potential life away from a child. You don’t want to face the truth of what your doing? Maybe you shouldn’t be killing people then.

“BuT jAmEs, WhAt AbOuT rApE vIcTiMs. ShOuLdN’t ThEy Be ExEmPt FrOm MuRdEr BlAmE?” (yes I know that’s not how that point is spoken but I feel like it was important to express how ridiculous it is)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT DOESN’T! First of all, it is hardly the child’s fault that happened to you. of course, that’s a horrible thing to have happen, but why should the child be put to death?

“Ok JaMeS, bUt WhAt If tHeY cAn’T sUpPoRt ThE cHiLd. WhAt If A 14 yEaR oLd GeTs PrEgNaNt” (yes, that’s a real argument someone posed at one point to me)

Listen, I can understand not having money and the prospect of not being able to support yourself much less yourself and a child, but there are other options out there. I know the system is a bad place. As a matter of fact, it can be down right cruel, but it gives the child a much better chance than deciding to kill it. There is NEVER a good reason to abort a child. Life starts at conception, not whenever you decide so you can kill your own blood with a clear conscience. People who understand the truth of what abortion is after they have one suffer more than a lot of other people I encounter on the day to day, but maybe I’m just uneducated. Maybe they aren’t plagued every day with their foolish choices. Maybe they aren’t torn apart inside every day like the child they couldn’t be bothered caring for for even as little as nine months. ‘I don’t want to be pregnant’ isn’t a good enough reason to kill.

3 thoughts on “Abortion

  1. I agree with your position 100%, but you missed one factor often included in mix: What if the mother’s health is at risk?

    I’m personally aware of two women who’s lives were supposedly ‘at risk’ if they continued with their pregnancies, and both delivered beautiful healthy babies and are around to tell the story. ‘Risk’ is only that: risk.

    Finally, what few people know is the physical and emotional damage a woman can experience if they choose to have an abortion. Do that research… it’s quite illuminating…


    1. Thank you fro finding the time to leave yet another comment! though i wish my bait worked. yes, its true that the mother’s life issue is usually brought up and i didnt. i left it out hoping someone would get upset and use that as an argument to spark up siome conversation (thats the long way of saying i forgot to add it and was too lazy to edit)
      Either way, not an invalid point. What if a mothers life is in danger? here’s a for instance, youre having a child and you have a small chance of surviving delivery. the doctor sits you down and says, ‘there is a procedure we can preform that will raise your chance of survival from 30% to 100%. however this will mean your childs chance of survival will drop from 100 to 0%’ what mother would be ok with that? apparently too many. expanding, say you have a child and they need a kidney but youre the only match! uh oh, you already gave a kidney to a loved one. what do you do? smart money says you give your child the kidney. Why is an unborn child any different?
      so, what if the mothers life is at risk? what if the childs life is at risk? what if you found out that your child had a rare condition where they may not survive birth? and if they did they would likely suffer for however long they had left. a short miserable life. is abortion ok then?
      show me the parents who rolled those dice. who said i want to take a chance on our child, lost, and said we should have just killed it.
      the startling reality is that even if that weren’t enough, most abortions are preformed for convenience.
      In 2004, the Guttmacher Institute anonymously surveyed 1,209 women who chose to murder their unborn from nine different abortion clinics across the US. Of the women surveyed, 957 provided a main reason for having an abortion.
      4% said it would interfere with their education or career
      7% said they werent mature enough to raise a child
      8% didnt want to be single mothers
      23% couldnt AFFORD a baby
      25% said they were not ready for a child
      do you see the similarities here?
      86% of the surveyed women chose to kill their unborn children out of convenience
      only 7% responded with health problems less than .5% said it was rape induced and the last 6 gave other reasons. i assume that the 6% are the remaining 252 women
      839,226 abortions were preformed in 2004, and with an approximate 3% margin for error thats a lot of convenience.
      from 1970 to 2015, 45,789,558 abortions were preformed. 45 MILLION lives snuffed out. at 80%, thats 36,631,646 lives taken for convenience in only 45 years. in your lifetime. let that sink in for a minute
      i admit, a 2004 survey of a thousand women is a lot to ask for 45 years, but why do we so easily condone murder when we dont see a face?
      ill say it again, the system is brutal, but its a chance. it isnt your choice to kill, it isnt your right to do what you want without consequence. if you dont believe me, have an abortion and tell me everything is fine
      i was asked, what about women who do get raped? they had their choice ripped away, shouldnt they have something? to which i say, killing your child isnt how you get your choice back. there are a million and a half choices made every day, not the least of which are the fault of your unborn child. even if you believe abortion should stay legal for the sake of rape victims alone, why suffer 45 million for the horrible men who take the choice of a woman? i wonder if nine months feels like a lot next to 45 years
      i wouldnt know ive never been pregnant


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