Gooday m8!

SO! Why haven’t posted in the last while? Because I’m lazy? YES! That’s the short answer anyway… the long answer would be, CORRECT!

So, what’s on tap for today? WHELL, I wrote a poem! It’s about why poetry sucks! sort of…

Basically, my blog group (I’m part of a blog group by the way) did an exercise where we wrote a post for our blog in someone elses style. I drew the short stick and got the person who writes poetry. But it was actually a lot of fun to write! If you’ve never written a poem try writing a stanza or two about something you enjoy, or something you really don’t. Just dont ask me to read it…

I wrote close to half of it there but I expanded on it a good amount since SO…

WHITHOUT FURTHER ADIUEUEUEUE here it is… (little bit more adiue, I LOVE TO LIE, I’m going to try to attach an audio file of me reading it but it might take a few days while I figure out how)

Ok so I decided to link the blogger who inspired this piece. Kat Karney is a talented poet (if such a thing exists) and so I’m linking, out of the goodness of my heart, after no one will see this old post again. If you’ve had a stroke recently and get something out of poetry definitely check her stuff out.

I FIGURED IT OUT! In all honesty it took about five minutes, but again… I’m lazy. also, sorry about the quality. I recorded it a few times and had to do a little editing and with the plan I have I can’t post videos here. Exporting it would have made it a video file and so I just said fuck it and played it from the editing software and hit record again. *female shrug emoji*



Come one come all from the whole of town
This is where good poems are found
What a fine day indeed for a poem or two
I wish to share mine so what about you?

But if I speak my truth for you now my dear
There’s something quite wrong with these poems I fear
It seems quite mundane, this chore of the rhyme
For what’s a good poem ’cept keeping good time?

The best of the best string together some lines
if we fall over ourselves, is it truly so fine?
This poetry thing’s not hard to figure out
For what’s better than poetry save a good case of gout?

Is poetry hard through rhyme and rhythm
or are you locked inside a creative prison?
Who among you could change on a dime
I certainly can, this my worst crime

What is tough about the art of rhyme
When instead you could write a novel with time
Truth be told this verse took an afternoon to write
But my book took a year to reach brand new height

I have pennies and nickels to make change on a dime
If our bodies are water does that make you brine?
I can make change on quarters and halves, even whole stories
do you remember the tale of Pamela Voorhees?

A real story has twist and grip within it
if you’re one so great go write an epic!

Yes its true, my rhymes are weak it’s not hard to tell
but is ‘good’ poetry so different from this lyrical hell?
An author can tingle and provoke real thought
but with poem its external that wars are fought

You don’t see book fans squabble over meaning
instead we decide what character’s most gleaming
a poet will try to confuse and ensnare
Then dress it as depth as soon as they share

They write clever rhymes with metaphor and secrets
if you don’t get it they pretend that it’s genius
So, what’s the difference between rhythm and rhyme
when both are needed for poems to shine?

Though most would agree that poems are swell
and writing this piece brings me out of my shell
Writing this piece isn’t bad, I admit
But to read from another is absolute shit

BuT jAmEs, you say with egg on your face
Looking at me like I’m the disgrace
ThE sTyLe FrOm ThE gReAtS iS pOeTiCaLlY uNmAtChEd
YoU sImPlY kEeP yOuR iNnEr DePtH uNhAtChEd

I lack depth? That’s what you say?
When your character, eyes, even skintone are grey?
Perhaps my skill with a pen’s ill concise
but the last meal you made was plain chicken and rice

You dare sit there with insinuation?
Say I’m in the wrong with no hesitation?
All because I lack the interpretation?

This sympathy for shitty poetry seems nothing more to me than calamity

So WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE I ask you this once
as you sit there still staring like I am the dunce
how dare you judge what I find enticing?
Your favorite part of the cupcake’s the icing

At the ends of the day
as the grass turns to hay
at least I can say my opinions don’t sway
your opinions change with every new trend
each new one is good ‘til it comes to an end
in every occasion, through every mistake, least I can acclaim that I am no fake

One final thought, I’ve something to bake
this poetry shit is truly just cake
it takes naught a genius to figure out rhyme
and even less so one for keeping good time

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