Political Correctness

What’s so great about political correctness
When real correctness is shunted into blackness











just kidding we aren’t doing that again

I’m a one trick pony ladies and gentlemen (I don’t think that’s what a one trick pony is)


What IS so great about political correctness? Isn’t it better to just be correct? At most, you could say it doesn’t make a difference. You say mentally challenged, I say retarded.

BuT jAmEs, ReTaRd Is UsEd DeRoGaToRiLy (derogatorily? derogatories? derogatory sense?) UsEd In A dErOgAtOrY sEnSe

Oh, yeah? SO IS MENTALLY CHALLENGED!!! Ringydingydoo! Any word that you choose to define something that someone doesn’t want to be it will be used in a derogatory sense by someone. Do you think I don’t call my friends mentally challenged? What are you, retarded?

So, not only are you failing in your pointless PC mission, but you’re also trying to be thought police! Am I wrong? Is that not what this is at this point? I don’t get to use simple words because some people choose to use them with a negative connotation. So, can we not use homosexual anymore? What do we call men who have sex with men? Just that? Because I’m pretty sure someone has once said to me, “You like to have sex with men” to make fun of me. (in fairness it was closer to making fun of making fun of me but even so. Not unlike that time Jack Black made fun of Kevin Hart’s height then immediately laughed and followed it up with “yeah, you’re shorter than most people” look it up it’s kinda funny. I think they’re on a basketball court at the time. You know what? Fuck it here’s a link. The whole thing is entertaining, but the jack bit is at 6 minutes 55 seconds)

Aside from people using whatever bullshit political correctness comes up with in a negative way, what else is wrong with the idea of being PC?

Simply put? Everyone has their own idea of what is and isn’t offensive so who decides whats ‘officially’ PC? It seems to me like we’d have to cater to each individual person and waste time trying to talk in a way that suits them.

What’s so wrong with that?

If you’re seriously asking, then I don’t think you should leave this blog without leaving a comment explaining your point of view but beyond that what about when you’re talking in a big group? Or even to an audience? It’s impossible not to offend someone, so even the attempt is pointless and ultimately futile. I would bet real money that if you were to try being PC, you might say something you didn’t know was offensive to a certain person, and they won’t only get offended by what you said but also by the fact that you catered to everyone but them. Do you see what I mean?

Stop being PC and just be Correct normally. It’s going to make everything easier




OH, YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

“EASIER,” I hear you ferociously type at your keyboard, “just because it’s easier doesn’t mean it’s right.”

Fair enough but just because it’s harder doesn’t mean that it makes sense. Don’t equate hard with progress and don’t equate progress with thought policing.

Ok, now I’m done.

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