I’m so unique, change society

It’s ok to be yourself… it’s ok to stand alone… it’s ok to be unique…

It’s NOT ok to expect everyone to instantly be ok with it and understand.

I went to a gas station after work one day for an energy drink and a snack. Inside there was a man wearing a dress. After processing the middle aged queen before me I realized something, this has no impact on me or what I’m doing whatsoever, he can do what he wants.

My first thought was, ‘hey that’s weird.’

After all the insistence to accept people for weird crazy stuff from body modifications to transgenderism to hair dye and men with profuse makeup, my first thought to seeing something as mundane as a man in a dress was, ‘hey that’s weird.’ (I still think it’s fucked that a MAN in a DRESS counts as MUNDANE now) he seemed pleasant enough. He smiled and chatted with the man at the register. He was what you’d expect from your average polite customer.

BUT my first thought remains hey that’s weird.

Am I the asshole? Of course not. I was able to stop and say that doesn’t affect me in literally ANY way because I remembered something. I remembered that I too have been the man in a dress. I played the queen of hearts in a school play. It was phenomenal. I begged for the part for ages because it would so be fun and ludicrous for a six foot man to play the part of an angry tyrannical woman and I got my desired response from the audience. Maybe gas station guy just came from a theme party, maybe he lost a bet or maybe he just likes the way it feels on his supple flesh. Either way, I stopped caring after about thirty seconds.

I stopped caring.

Society on the other hand does get affected by people like this.

Now, I’m not talking about the people who do what they want to do and shut the fuck up about it, those people are heroes. I’m talking about the people who piss and moan and cry and beg and scratch and claw and pull hair and pull teeth and WHINE when they do what they want and society says ‘NO’

If you want to get a face tattoo that’s your choice

If you want to shave half your head that’s your choice

If you want to get stretchers that’s your choice

If you want to get a JOB that is also your choice (responsibility) and if you make yourself unhireable from your appearance alone that is your problem.

Society doesn’t have to change. Society runs from a set of rules so that it can function and progress as a unit. It doesn’t adhere to every possible sect of what you pretend you want to be and it shouldn’t.

People show themselves off as different to break away from society. You can’t break away from society AND be a part of it at the same time that doesn’t make sense.

You EITHER adhere to the rules society has set up OR decide to be different it literally can’t be BOTH. Even if the entirety of society strokes out and decides to follow this arbitrary rulebook you’re making up on the spot you can’t be different. You keep making up rules because as society does start to change, you no longer feel special so you have to make up some other bullshit thing to be OuTcAsT (ooh so edgy)

We as a whole shouldn’t have to change directions just because you don’t want to go with the flow. Do what you want and shut the fuck up.

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