Dad Jokes

Am I the only one who sees how necessary dad jokes are? How important they are to a functioning father? How wonderful it feels, like when you tell a bad pun and you hear that collective sigh of everyone around you as it successfully lands? Puns are just dad joke training wheels after all.
Men are vulgar; we’re crass and rude and our jokes are not for the general public. It takes a professional who gets paid boatloads to be allowed to tell whatever jokes he likes, but for a new dad there’s something of a screening process.
You see, when a man becomes a dad, he has to learn to filter himself before his child is old enough to understand his jokes. Once that happens, all he has left are dad jokes; the final shred of what was once his humor. You can’t ask him to simply stay silent! I mean, you can, but he’s a dad you think he’s going to stop telling dad jokes it comes with the job. You may as well tell a pilot not to fly or someone with depression not to kill themselves.
Well, that’s really all I have to say about that. Since we still have some blog paper left, lets speak briefly about ‘inappropriate’ jokes.
When we are children, we are told we are too young for ‘certain jokes’ but as soon as we are older and start to understand and appreciate them we are told they are ‘childish’ wHaTtHeFuCk WHICH IS IT! I get that it’s a clever way to never have to deal with them but fuck that they’re great and there’s no stopping me now!

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