Pro Choice

In one of my posts, I’m so Unique, Change Society, I talked about the ramifications of getting a face tattoo. Namely, if you want to get a job, don’t get a face tattoo. The overall point of the post was basically, do what you want in your own life, but don’t expect people not to notice.

In another post, Abortion, I talked about how deciding to have an abortion is akin to murder.

It has been brought to my attention that my opinions are somewhat clashing and I’d like to clear that up. I don’t remember the exact quote, so to avoid misquoting I will leave it out unless I come across it before this is published. Basically they compared a face tattoo to abortions in terms of choice.

Let’s be as clear as possible, I am 100% pro choice. If you want to make a choice that impacts your life in a positive or negative way I won’t say jack about it because I can’t summon the energy to care. Now, if you ask me whether I think you should get a tattoo, I’ll say no. I don’t like tattoos very much so if you were to ask me directly I’d tell you that, but if you still decide after I tell you what I think to get one I will not care. The same goes for everything else. I’ll tell you what I think if you ask, but in the end it’s your choice.

Now before you jump down my throat, I know that that’s not what pro choice has come to mean. I know that pro choice is the contrast to pro life in terms of abortion I do get that, BUT I don’t see abortion as a personal choice.

Yes, an abortion is a choice falling under the ‘pro choice’ concept, but there are plenty of things that could be considered a choice but are still crimes. It’s a choice to commit murder or to embezzle or to deal drugs or to traffic people. It is also a crime.

“BuT jAmEs, ThOsE aReN’t CoMpArAbLe To AbOrTiOn, PeOpLe CaN gEt HuRt.”

That’s true, I agree, slave trade is definitely a step above abortion. But HAHA you fell for my trap, fake voice in my head that I straw man to be someone who doesn’t exist…

No one gets hurt if you choose to abuse drugs, or choose to commission a prostitute, and yet these are still illegal. Victimless crimes. And abortion isn’t exactly victimless is it? Even before you factor in the mental trauma suffered by parents who choose to abort, there’s still the victim you killed.

If I go to a coma patient who has a 1% chance to pull through and bludgeon him to death with a metal bat I will still be jailed for murder. You may not want to think about it, but late term abortions aren’t so different than that. They may not use a bat but what they do is brutal. I have provided two links below, the second describing what is done during each stage of abortions and the first is more about late term abortions both by Dr. Levatino who performed abortions until he simply couldn’t stomach it any longer.

Abortion is not a choice, its legal murder.




3 thoughts on “Pro Choice

  1. At the risk of responding off topic, I just want to point out that prostitution is not always a victimless crime… Without having done the research, I would even venture to say, it’s rarely a victimless crime…


    1. tecnically it is. both parties consent and while there are some trades where there are victims those arent prostitution in the strictest sense. for instance, if you buy a person thats not a prostitute and if theur pimp is forcing them then the victimless part has less to do with the prostitute and more to do with the abuse from the oppressor. i hope thats what you meant if not please feel free to elaborate further


  2. Often, prostitutes are victims of sex trafficking, i.e., slavery. Prostitutes also often carry diseases, so a man who hires one puts others he has sex with at risk. So I would agree that prostitution is not generally a victimless crime.


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