Suicide is cowardice. Say what you will about people who choose this path but all I see is a person too afraid to deal with their day to day lives, so much so that they are willing to literally tear their families apart.

Suicide is bad, that’s never something debated, and the people who want to commit suicide or attempt suicide are talked to and cared for as they rightfully should be, but how often do we talk about the people who this person affected in their lives?

People are all selfish, this is unavoidable, in some way or another every person has some amount of selfishness in them, but what we ignore is how severe it can really get. I’m not talking about rich tycoons who have more money than they know what to do with and still hunt for more, I’m talking about the people who think of themselves so intimately that they can’t even see the effect they have on the people closest to them. They are so self involved, they are willing to make their lives easier while choosing to ignore how much harder that will make everyone’s lives that they have touched.

Life is hard and long, this isn’t a new phenomenon among the people with clinical depression that no one else can understand. We all deal with hard issues; some more than others, but there isn’t one person alive who can say that they don’t know hardship. It may appear in different forms, but it’s there. The best we can do it talk about it with the people around us. Life is hard, and that is the exact reason that reaching out isn’t weakness, its strength. Life is so hard, it’ll kick you and say, ‘deal with your own issues no one else cares. Be strong in yourself.’ I might be paraphrasing the voice in each of our heads, but either way there is nothing more self destructive than thinking we can handle whatever ‘it’ we are going through alone.

If you think there’s no one who cares, you’re wrong. Do you know anyone who you’ve been friends with for years but you still consider a casual friend? try reaching out to them with something heavy on your mind. Asking for help from people you aren’t as close with as you’d like to be is an incredibly powerful thing. It doesn’t get better, but it can be a little easier. That weight can be lifted even if it’s still there.

To me, suicide is the ultimate form of cowardice. You’re too afraid to face your day and talk about the voices that you drown them out with a bang and cascade everyone into confusion. ‘Why wasn’t I enough for them? Why didn’t they think they could talk to me?’ the silence becomes deafening and before they know it you put them in the place you were in with a weight just as strong as yours tacked on to the one they already had. So do they choose the same path? Or do they defeat the odds and reach out to someone else you affected who might be feeling similarly.

There are so few easy questions. Before we know it, the question becomes the answer. Why do we try so hard to find an easy answer to a complicated question when we can just turn around and talk?

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