There is nothing good about being white. There is nothing bad about being white. There is nothing good about being black. There is nothing bad about being black. And every race in between. I want to start off by saying “It’s ok to be white” is not a movement. I bring that up because while […]

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I started an opinion blog so that I wouldn’t have to do research. I’m very lazy and tend to bust these posts out each Sunday afternoon and schedule it to post on Monday at 5. That being said, I did some research and added the links I was sent at the bottom of the post. […]

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  Is it just me, or is homosexuality no big deal? The oversaturation of the homosexual lifestyle in the media is irritating on the verge of sickening. It seems as if it’s being treated like this incredible magical thing to be gay. From my stand point they’re no different than the rest of us; a […]

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  If I, as a white man, came up to you and said ‘nigger’ context free what would your initial thought be? In fairness to you, maybe something along the lines of ‘how the hell do I respond to that’ but the point of the question is less to do with some fat guy shouting […]

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Quality of a Man

When you walk down the street and someone rubs you the wrong way, what do you think? There are a lot of instances in our daily lives when we are faced by the opposition of our own species. There is a lot to be said about people. There are countless occupations devoted to humans that […]

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Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online – GOOD GOSH GOLLY GEE WILLAKERS GUYS SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS DUMPSTERFIRE! Now, normally I wouldn’t make a follow up post like this, but SAO might be the worst anime I have ever seen, or at the very least my most hated one. Worst of all time, debatable. For […]

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TODAY’S. MUSIC. IS. GOOD. Too many times in my life I hear, ‘The music today is so bad, I was born in the wrong generation. I only listen to Queen and The Beatles.’ In truth, these bands are both excellent. There is no replacing them. But to say, ‘ToDaY’s MuSiC iS nO gOoD,’ is to […]

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  Anime: good not great There seem to be two varities of people when the subject of Anime comes up. Either they say it’s wonderful or it’s terrible, no in between. Okay, in fairness I, just moments ago, made a similar blanket statement, but if a blanket statement is to be made, I choose to […]

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I Don’t Care

  “I don’t care what anyone thinks” -Far too many people Yes you do The simple act of saying, “I dOn’T cArE wHaT aNyOnE tHiNkS” is explicit proof that you DO care what people think. As a matter of fact, the people who say that phrase the most (in my experience) care the most what […]

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  Holidays are stupid. What purpose do they serve? Sure, less significant holidays give a great number of people the day off, which is nice, unless you work in most customer service industries where your day actually gets harder. The issue I have with holidays, however, runs a little deeper than just those sad few, […]

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Tipping is incredibly stupid. The concept of tipping is not only a burden on the restaurant experience, but on the community as a whole.

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